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Jaromír Zahrádka on the Life Science Get2Gether podcast

Martin Kovalčík

Dec 12, 2021

In mid-December, Christian Soschner invited our CEO Jaromír Zahrádka to his podcast, which he regularly broadcasts on Life Science Get2Gether (LS G2G).

The 57th episode, with Jaromír as a guest, talked about early stage investments in DeepTech Life Science companies. He spoke about early-stage investments in a deep tech company, the complexity of spinning out technology from research organizations, the venture capital situation in Europe and much more.

During the almost hour and a half long interview Jaromír talked about the establishment of our fund, the Life Science R&D Eco-System in Prague, the role of Tech Transfer Offices in the value chain, the role of capital in Deep Tech Life Science, how to turn science into business or the perspective of long term investment funds.

About Life Science Get2Gether

LSG2G is a community built around the idea of bringing investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and thought leaders together to share the connections, inspiration, and strategies needed to foster world class innovation.

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