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Our mission is to help innovative projects grow. We invest in European Life Sciences companies focused on drug discoveries, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. We specialize on cutting-edge ideas that have the potential to succeed on a global scale. 


Sampling Human is a life science technology company developing novel methods for the early detection of disease. 

The company has developed simple and easy to perform diagnostic reagent kits for the liquid biopsy of healthy and diseased cells and a proprietary method of harnessing living cells to analyze other cells. The company engineers and manufactures accessible tools that elevate sensitivity and increase speed of assay well beyond performance limits of complex instruments such as flow cytometry.  

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Dracen Pharmaceuticals

Dracen is a private pharmaceutical company leveraging immuno-metabolism to create a potential new treatment paradigm with broad application for many cancer types.

Its goal in treating cancers is to directly shrink tumors and remodel the tumor microenvironment to make it more conducive to immuno-oncology approaches, to gain greater disease control, increase anti-tumor responses and extend patient survival in areas of unmet need. 

Celeris Therapeutics

The company designs medicines for currently incurable diseases by exploiting AI to build a novel and promising therapeutics class that induces targeted protein degradation (proximity-inducing compounds, short PICs™).

PICs™ induce proximity to cellular machinery and require a deep understanding of chemistry and biology. The company developed the Celeris® One™ platform to design such drugs rationally by predicting interactions and generating the fragments and whole compounds. The company runs multiple drug development programs in neurology and oncology while collaborating with big pharma companies in collaborations.