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Our mission is to help innovative projects grow. We invest in European Life Sciences companies focused on drug discoveries, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. We specialize on cutting-edge ideas that have the potential to succeed on a global scale. 

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Our mission is to help innovative projects grow. We invest in European Life Sciences companies focused on drug discoveries, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. We specialize on cutting-edge ideas that have the potential to succeed on a global scale. 

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Celeris Therapeutics

Early-stage drug discovery company using artificial intelligence to predict biomolecular interactions and generate new chemical entities. is building the worldwide first high-throughput human organoid cultivation, screening and AI-supported data analysis solution for developing first-in-class drugs to treat heart failure; faster, less expensively and with a higher probability of success in clinical trials.


The so-called Cardioid Drug Discovery Platform relies on self-assembling, highly reproducible cardiac organoids which recapitulate the human physiology and enable modeling of heart diseases in a way not achieved with other in-vitro systems. Currently, is focused on drug-induced and different sub-types of genetic cardiomyopathies, followed by programs in diabetic cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, and cardiac remodeling.

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Delta Diagnostics

Delta Diagnostics simplifies biosensing, the detection of biomolecules, using photonic integrated circuits. 

Delta Diagnostics develops a true platform technology that can be applied for basic life-science research and in development of new multi-biomarker assays for diagnostics. In the life-science research domain it offers affordable, high-plex analysis (binding kinetics, antibody screening, concentration measurements), while in the diagnostics domain it enables rapid and quantitative detection of panels of biomarkers.


Sophomer s.r.o. specializes in the development and production of synthetic polymers for in vitro diagnostics.


Sophomer s.r.o. is an academic startup founded by a group of people who come from both industry and academia. Their vision is to bring together two seemingly unrelated fields: immunochemistry and polymer chemistry to help anyone who uses immunoassays in their work. One of the startup's first and widely applicable products is Sophomer F10, a polymer that can replace the widely used bovine serum albumin, currently a component without which the development of immunological analytics is seemingly unimaginable.



The company aims to develop a diagnostic device to provide patients with the flexibility to assess their coagulation status regardless of where they are.

Enzyre’s platform requires a small volume of blood to measure up to sixteen reactions simultaneously with high sensitivity and specificity without any laboratory infrastructure, at home, on the road or in a critical care setting. This offers enormous benefits to patients: avoid crisis situations driven by changes in coagulation status, provide ease of mind for patients, empower patients to optimize treatment themselves, be a quick turnaround tool in the clinical setting, reduce GP consultation visits and, as a personalized diagnostic tool, offer great support in a telemedicine setting.


Nanoligent is a biotech company specialized in the development of cancer treatments based on unique protein conjugates. 

Nanoligent is focused on the development of new drugs for the treatment of more than 20 different metastatic cancer types. The lead molecule is based on the targeted elimination of cancer cells overexpressing the CXCR4 receptor, a recognized biomarker for poor prognosis and therapy resistance. Nanoligent is developing a new proprietary nano-technological platform, with the potential to overcome current limitations of Antibody-Drug-Conjugates.  

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CasInvent Pharma

CasInvent Pharma is an early-stage drug discovery company developing a proprietary small-molecule lead compounds with anticancer properties.

CasInvent Pharma is developing proprietary, highly selective inhibitors of enzymes belonging to the casein kinase 1 (CK1) family, which play an important role in several disease-related processes, including the migration of leukemia cells into lymphoid organs. The small-molecule inhibitors are designed to target individual isoforms of CK1 and thereby selectively eradicate leukemic cells.


Sampling Human is a life science technology company developing novel methods for the early detection of disease. 

The company has developed simple and easy to perform diagnostic reagent kits for the liquid biopsy of healthy and diseased cells and a proprietary method of harnessing living cells to analyze other cells. The company engineers and manufactures accessible tools that elevate sensitivity and increase speed of assay well beyond performance limits of complex instruments such as flow cytometry.  

Sampling Human Team
Dracen Pharmaceuticals Team

Dracen Pharmaceuticals

Dracen is a private pharmaceutical company leveraging immuno-metabolism to create a potential new treatment paradigm with broad application for many cancer types.

Its goal in treating cancers is to directly shrink tumors and remodel the tumor microenvironment to make it more conducive to immuno-oncology approaches, to gain greater disease control, increase anti-tumor responses and extend patient survival in areas of unmet need. 

Celeris Therapeutics

The company designs medicines for currently incurable diseases by exploiting AI to build a novel and promising therapeutics class that induces targeted protein degradation (proximity-inducing compounds, short PICs™).

PICs™ induce proximity to cellular machinery and require a deep understanding of chemistry and biology. The company developed the Celeris® One™ platform to design such drugs rationally by predicting interactions and generating the fragments and whole compounds. The company runs multiple drug development programs in neurology and oncology while collaborating with big pharma companies in collaborations.

Celeris Therapeutics Team
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